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Get Paid running Ougo Browzer

Earn Money By

Leaving Your Computer On

I've Made about $ 3000.00 as of February 8th by running the program in the background 24/7 !
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So, how does it work ? There are search engines that get run through this program and these sites are paying to try to improve their Traffic Rating with Alexa. This way they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google. You can automatically earn money; I earned money the first day without any referrals! But when you do signup a couple of people the money will come in even faster…This is still a relatively unknown program, meaning there is a lot of potential for you to get many people to sign up under you. (before everyone joins when the word gets out that this is really working!) The program works like the "click on search engines and get paid" programs, except for 2 things: First of all, you don’t have to click on any links; it runs automatically in the background. Second, it doesn’t give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now there are about 23 paying search engines that run within the program. If you run your computer 24/7 they will be generating up to $10 a day. This program pays so much because it works with search programs and that’s where the money is…So, you start out with up to $10 a day… Justfor being online. That’s with no referrals! If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, 10 levels deep.You'll actually be earning more from referrals then from your own rotations! But to keep the system running you are obligated to run some rotations yourself. It might not sound like much, just a couple of hundred per month but you can still go after a couple of thousand. It doesn't matter how your referrals are lined up, as long as they are 10 levels deep you'll be getting 5% on behalf of each of them. The potential to actually make money on the internet is very evident.
And it's absolutely FREE (no upgrading or anything) and doesn't take a lot of time and at NO COST to you.
Here are the instructions for setting the program up on your computer:
Step 1. Click the links below and fill out the Sign up form: For each will give you the best results and income.

Register at Rotatormaster

Register at Ppcappraisal

Register at Rigag

Chounka Traffic Account

Register at Neterminator

Register at Svior

Register at DeQuba

Register at Ciazo

You May also need a Pay Pal or E-Gold account to be paid, if you do not have one then click the banner below and set one up!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Note: Don’t let the boring looking site discourage you, once you are set up, it’s great fun watching your income rise every day for doing nothing!

Step 2. Where it says Company Name put: Extra Income
Step 3. For url put: Your own Site if you have one
Step 4. For TAX ID put: N/A
Step 5. Fill the rest out normally.
Step 6. Click register
Step 7. Now login (it can take a couple of minutes before you are activated .Don't forget to confirm the email! You will be taken to the menu.
Step 8. Here your URLs are listed.
Step 9. Now download OUGO (it’s a special browser and the heart of this program)Here Download the Browser:
Save it and install by double clicking the file.This is a really neat automatic browser. It just runs in the background and earns you money.
Step 10. Copy your Portal URL which is the one listed on the page. It should look like this: [replace XXXXX with your number] (make sure you put in your ID)
Step 11. Run OUGO browser by clicking the shortcut on your desktop.
Step 12. Go to Tools, Developers, Analyst, Act and then SETUP.
Step 13. On the lower left side click APPEND. A popup window will open.
Step 14. Type: Set1 as the name and hit okay.
Now the small window on the left you should have Set1 in it.
Step 15. Paste your Portal URL (from step 10) into the large window on the right and hit okay. When you finish... It should look like this :
XXX is your ID
Step 16. Go to Tools, Developers, Analyst, and select 6 (at the bottom) This will open up 6 separate search engine browsers, soinstead of just getting paid from 1 at a time it pays you for 6 at a time!The OUGO program will start clicking on the search pages.In case you shut the program or boot your computer, open the OUGO browser, go to Tools/Developers/Analyst and hit six to start it all up again.
Now start building your downline.
First you need a free website editor like SeaMonkey. Download and install it and then open SeaMonkey by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Now copy/paste the URL of my page in the browser and click enter. Then click File (upper left corner) and then Edit Page. Now you can change all my referral links to yours (you already saved your referral links to notepad in step 1 and 2). Highlight text, click Link, paste your referral link and click OK. Please also change my email address (at the bottom of the page) to yours. When you are ready save the page as index.html in My Documents. Then upload it to a free host like 50Webs.For the images to work you will need to download them separately to your computer and then upload them to your server. First right click on each image and click save image as. Save them to My Pictures. Don't change the names. Then upload each of them to your server.
Promote the page you have created and watch your downline and earnings grow !
NOW Let the Computer work for you...

Your done! With My Warmest Regards to Your Extra Income Success
Important Tips :- Make sure that Allow ActiveX, Allow Cookies, Allow Files Downloading and Allow Pop-Up Messages are always turned off in the Ougo browser and that Enable Pop-Up Killer is always turned on. Click on Tools and check.- You can turn off pictures in the Ougo browser, if you want. To do this click on Tools and then click on the V before Allow Pictures (the V should disappear). Unfortunately you will still see jpg pictures, but there are not that many of them and when you minimize Ougo to tray (see below) you won't see it at all anymore.- To minimize the Ougo browser to tray click Tools, then click Ougo Browser options and then Tray Options. Now you can turn on the tray options. When the Ougo browser is minimized to tray you won't even know it is there anymore...- Use good anti spyware/virus/firewall Software... Good free programs are:Spybot, Spygate, SpywareBlaster, AVG Antivirus, HijackThisand Ad-aware SE Personal...- I recommend to use FireFox browser for normal every day surfing, because unlike Internet Explorer it is not affected by the disabled options in the Ougo browser.- To earn faster you can open more than one Ougo browser at a time. To do this you need more than one user account on your computer. If you don't have more user accounts on your computer already, first create 1 to 3 new user accounts that are protected with a password (important, otherwise it won't work).To do this go to Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Create New User Account etc., select Computer Administrator (not Limited) and create a password.Then right-click on the Ougo browser icon on your desktop and click Copy to and then Desktop (create new shortcut).You now have two Ougo browser icons on your desktop. Rename the new one to Ougo - Different User to keep them apart.Now right-click on the new shortcut and then click on Properties. Go to the Shortcut tab , click on the button Advanced. In the little window that was opened, check the option Run with different credentials. Click on OK and close.When you double-click on the new Ougo browser icon, a new window will open asking for a Username and a Password. Select the user that you have created and type the password . Click on OK, a new Ougo browser will open.With that shortcut you can open as many Ougo browsers as you want. I suggest that you open no more than 3 at a time though.
- Remember to check the Ougo browser several times a day to make sure it is still running okay. Sometimes it shuts down by itself and then you will need to start it up again. Try to let it run 24/7 to maximize your earnings. Every time when you check the Ougo browser close it and restart it, after that it will run without problems.
- Statistics for the traffic and ppc programs are updated only once every 24 hours, so especially when you first start out you will need to be a little patient before you can see it is working.- Promote your page to get many referrals. It`s easy to get referrals with a page like this...
I will update this page every time when I have new tips to maximize your earnings. Please refer to it every now and then.

If you have any questions or need help please send me an